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Ecosteps Energy is dedicated to Providing Air Tightness Testing, Energy Modeling and BC Step Code Compliance Reports to Canadian Homeowners and Builders.

Need BC step Code Compliance done ?

Ecosteps Energy will manage the process so you are compliant .We make sure you meet Step code requirements while you focus on other elements.

Energuide Home Evaluations

Our Energy Advisors use the HOT2000 software to create a comprehensive energy evaluation of your home which will be our starting point. EnerGuide home evaluation can be your first step towards a more energy-efficient home.

BC Step Code compliance reporting

For you builders or developers, we will manage the process so you are compliant. As per new BC Energy Step Code, cities require energy modeling report from certified energy advisor along with building permit application. Using the plans, we can predict the energy efficiency of the home to make sure it meets the Step Code requirements.

Blower door Testing

Blower door testing essentially helped identify any air leakage in your home. Our energy advisors can tell how much air leakage your home has. To fulfill the BC Step Code air tightness requirements, we perform mid-construction and final blower door tests . We also help builders to identify any air leakages using thermal imaging and smoke pens.

EnerGuide and HOT2000 are official marks of Natural Resources Canada